January Consulting

HomeCare 2008 Forecast

Written By: Jan Rabinowitz - May• 05•11
  • Investigation conducted exclusively for HomeCare.
  • Methodology, data collection and analysis by Penton
  • Data collected October 18th through October 30th, 2007.
  • Methodology conforms to accepted marketing research
    methods, practices and procedures.

Objectives of this study effort include:

  1. Investigate key demographics of respondents.
  2. Examine purchasing activities and practices.
  3. Determine current and planned accreditation.
  4. Examine current company revenue and expected future revenue.
  5. Determine future operating plans.

Methodology: E-mail Survey

On October 18th, Penton Research emailed invitations to a combined 11,529 domestic subscribers of HomeCare falling into the business categories of HME provider, Specialty HME, and Pharmacy/chain drugstore/retailer with HME and HomeCare Monday subscribers. The two lists were merged/purged against each other to produce the 11,529 names.














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