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Written By: Jan Rabinowitz

Jan’s research department at Primedia conducted a broad spectrum of projects for a variety of B2B markets. Her approach was both cost-efficient and well thought-out, producing thorough and useful results. Jan is an experienced professional and will lend a wealth of expertise to any research project.

– Paul S. Caplan
Vice President/Brand Director
Cygnus Security Media

Jan Rabinowitz is a trusted professional. While working with EC&M (Electrical Construction & Maintenance) magazine, Jan led the effort for its bi-annual Brand Preference Study. This is a three-month-long effort that she conducted, first with paper questionnaires via mail then transitioned to an online survey. Her depth of knowledge and capacity to handle this large project efficiently was impressive and provided valuable data to clients and prospects. Equally impressive was her ability to conduct “one-off” surveys, often in quick turn-around situations (2-4 weeks). Her patience and ability to work with even the most demanding clients was appreciated by EC&M’s sales staff and management. Need research? Contact Jan first.

-Vince Saputo
National Sales Manager
EC&M and Electrical Wholesaling magazines
Penton Media, Inc.

….”I have always found Jan’s work to be professional, accurate, on-time and always within budget while meeting the research objectives”…

– Rich Santos
Group Publisher
Wealth Management Group
Penton Media Inc.

“Every two years we recreated a research piece that uniquely sorted our industry by Product Brand Preference. It was a complicated final product with three key market influencers and specifiers across over 90 distinct categories spanning a ten year rolling history. Jan’s intimate knowledge of not only the process, but the necessary research validity and the taxonomy made it a continued success that even today drives many clients to regularly use it as a guideline for their marketing and product development strategies. Needless to say this study continues to be a Brand winner for our franchise.”

David J. Miller
Market Leader
Group Publisher
Penton Media, Inc.

“I have worked with Jan on at least seven projects. Each research project was different and Jan was careful to point out potential pitfalls as well as unique opportunities. Her insight and expertise proved to be extremely valuable as the final projects revealed information that was previously unknown and was ultimately relied upon by many senior managers in making key decisions for their firms.”

– Scott Bieda
Vice President
Penton Custom Solutions
Penton Media, Inc.

At Primedia and later Penton Media, Jan Rabinowitz served as a strong marketing partner and advisor to me, consistently providing research that was both unbiased and useful to our daily operations, as well as to the operations of our readers and advertisers. Jan was a constant source of new ideas about how to create research that was actionable. As such, she was responsible for enhancing our decision-making and our bottom line. People believed in Jan’s research because they understood her sense of integrity and knew that her work results were based on informed, unbiased methodologies. On top of this, Jan was a joy to work with! I would recommend Jan to any company that would benefit from knowing more about their suppliers, competitors, customers or themselves.

– Bill Perry
Group Sales Director
Penton Media, Inc.

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