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The Importance of Good Data

Written By: Jan Rabinowitz - Jan• 23•13

BtoB Magazine reported that a recent survey found, “while data insight is commonly used in support of digital campaigns, it’s seldom used for offline, traditional programs. Also, 26% of marketers said they don’t know when they last performed quality control on their customer data.”

If this describes your company, department, or media property, you are only hurting your ability to increase sales using data you already have!   There isn’t any point in gathering data that you aren’t using unless you plan to use it at some point.  So, since we’re at the beginning of the year, now’s a good time to evaluate all of your data gathering to insure that your forms are up-to-date and that you aren’t asking for any unnecessary information from your clients/customers.

Are your lead lists a mess?  Have your clients and customers experienced so much M&A activity that the company names are woefully out of date?  Use your sales force to make sure this information is current.  Use a de-duplicating program and sort by company name, as well as by address, contact, phone number, etc.  You may find that you have out-of-date information mixed in with current info.  A clean list can make a huge difference in your sales and marketing efforts.

If you need help with analyzing data or simply evaluating whether or not you’re gathering the right data, January Consulting can help you.

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